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Single-Cell Research

Platforms for advanced single-cell genomics data analytics and acquisition. Discover how ScarfWeb and CellHub can super charge your research and your single-cell data.

We have launched CellHub, an open-access single-cell data repository. Exploring datasets on CellHub will be free forever for the academics. We are committed to constantly expanding its collection of single-cell studies.

Discover the power of ScarfWeb

Uncover profound insights with ease

Navigating single-cell data should be effortless. That's why our platform provides you with the flexibility to access your data anytime, empowering you to run custom differential expression queries, create and visualize gene set expression signatures on the fly, perform cross-modality queries, and conduct statistical enrichment tests. We strive to make complex analytics as simple as possible.

Customize your analytical journey

With ScarfWeb, you have complete control over your analysis. Our intuitive interface opens up endless possibilities for visualization and inspection, allowing you to fine-tune analysis parameters that are cumbersome to handle even with programming tools. Enjoy the freedom to sculpt your research outcome according to your vision.

Designed for entire project lifecycle

ScarfWeb is purpose-built to accompany you through every stage of your project. As you continue to generate new sequencing data, our platform streamlines the merging and integration of datasets. Effortlessly extract and merge groups of cells from various datasets, creating a fluid, dynamic analysis process. With ScarfWeb, the analysis journey becomes a breeze, offering unmatched flexibility.

Simplify collaboration and showcase your work

With just a few clicks, ScarfWeb empowers you to share your groundbreaking findings with the scientific community. Whether you desire private sharing of read-only results or wish to embed interactive gene exploration within your research papers and posters, ScarfWeb makes it seamless. No need for cumbersome servers or bloated supplementary materials. Amplify the impact of your research with ease.

Combine your biological knowledge with analytics superpowers.

Discover how to unlock new insights and make meaningful discoveries through a powerful combination of domain knowledge and advanced analytics. Gain the skills and confidence to navigate through complex datasets, customize analyses, and share your findings with the scientific community.

Trusted by researchers across the world

Over 400 scientists and students from renowned academic institutions use Nygen's solutions for high-impact research.

Read about the open source package Scarf that enables high throughput Single-Cell sequencing with low memory consumption.

Breakthroughs are built on Nygen

Enhance Your Data Analysis Efficiency

For wet lab researchers, ScarfWeb provides a no-code platform that delivers exceptional functionality and flexibility, on par with any single-cell data analysis software. With ScarfWeb, researchers can analyze their data quickly and easily, without the need for programming expertise. This empowers wet lab researchers to delve into their data, uncovering valuable insights and accelerating their research. ScarfWeb's user-friendly interface ensures a seamless and intuitive experience, allowing researchers to focus on their scientific objectives rather than technical complexities.

Streamline and Enhance Your Analysis Workflow

Our platform offers effortless execution by removing the concern for computational resources. ScarfWeb handles the underlying infrastructure, allowing bioinformaticians to fine-tune analysis parameters and compare results with ease. Additionally, ScarfWeb provides built-in version control, enabling efficient tracking and management of analysis iterations. Advanced data sharing features eliminate the need for custom servers, facilitating seamless collaboration and dissemination of results. With ScarfWeb, bioinformaticians can focus on delivering accurate results, and can easily bring in the results and data from custom pipelines.

Enable Seamless Data Delivery and Empower End Users

ScarfWeb collaborates with sequencing facilities, such as universities' core facilities, biotech, and pharma companies, to provide an end-to-end single-cell data solution. Our platform ensures the smooth delivery of data to end users, simplifying their workflow and enhancing their capabilities. By leveraging ScarfWeb's user-friendly interface and robust functionality, sequencing facilities can consistently monitor data quality and facilitate effective data analysis and interpretation for their customers. Trust ScarfWeb to enhance your sequencing facility's operations and provide a valuable service to the research community.

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